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Craig P. Folse, MD

Edward L. Brown, MD

William G. Armington, MD

Reynaldo L. Yatco, MD

Shannon E. Ardoin, MD

Robert L. Edwards, MD

H. Wayne Henry, MD

Francis Donohoe Elias, MD

Stephanie D. Casey, MD

Ro Risa Reina, MD

William Kenneth Mask, MD

Atlanta, GA

Photography by Dr. Craig Folse

From his "Trip Around the World"

2015 Craig P. Folse


Brown-Folse Patients with Billing Questions call 888-554-8444



Medical Records requests call


or mail to 7525 Hwy 71 South, Alexandria, LA  71302

General number:  877-290-7990

NeuroRadiology consult:  866-694-3447

PACS Administrator: Amy Adcock
Phone: 866-694-3447      Fax: 888-478-6082
[email protected]

IT Coordinator/Network Engineer: Nick Farrar
Office: 866-660-5353       Cell: 318-381-9863
Fax: 866-248-6128           [email protected]

Credentialing Manager: Lorraine Gilliam
Office: 210-389-2338 Fax: 210-614-7103
[email protected]